Stamping Tools

IZHREST designs and produces high quality Stamping Tools of all types (Progressive tools, Transfer tools, Tandem tools, Forging tools).

IZHREST has established itself as a leader in the industry by providing tooling expertise from structural parts to Class A finishes. We have the capability to design and build automotive, appliance, trucking, construction, agricultural and garden tooling from small line dies to very large transfer and progressive dies.

IZHREST is known for its highly skilled employees and their ability to work with the customer through all stages of a project, from the design to the building of metal stamping dies.

All manufactured die components are CNC-machined. We have the tryout press capability to match our customer's needs. Computerized die simulation facilitates the tryout process. Capability studies are conducted to ensure that the customer's quality standards are met.

Die Making Capabilities

IZHREST has the capabilities, and the flexibility, to meet all of its customer's needs, from the design process all the way to production. Tooling expertise from complex parts like pillars, underbodies, and rails to Class A finishes including roofs, sunroofs, tailgates, hoods, bumpers, refrigerators, washers, and dryers. Design and build capabilities for high quality, close tolerance, metal stamping tooling from small tandem line dies to large progressive and transfer type dies. We are very experienced with advanced high strength and dual phase materials and have tryout capabilities up to 800 tons. Explore the links to learn more about how IZHREST can design and build for you, the highest quality metal stamping dies.

Sheet metal Stamping Tools